Nothing is as important as the first chiropractic adjustment and newborn receives. Naturally, special techniques are used.
The infant usually is born with subluxations of the first cervical vertebra and or the sacrum due to its position in the womb and the force of the birth itself.

bebeThe early chiropractic adjustment will insure that your baby will start its life at its full potential, with no nerve interference or mechanical problems preventing him or her from developing as perfectly as they were designed to be.

As kids grow, learn to crawl, walk, run, play have schoolwork and participate in physical activities they need to be checked regularly to correct the subluxations caused by the falls and bumps that occur in their daily lives. These subluxations will affect their concentration, their mental focus, their growth and their general health if these subluxations are not checked for regularly and corrected.

Parents say their children have fewer colds and earaches and are healthier than other children.
Chiropractic is certainly good for all ages.